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Preferred applications...

02 Nov 2010

Here is a list of the programs which I prefer using to get my jobs done. I would rather not pirate programs or pay stupidly large amounts for them, so I go with the third way:
<table border="1"><thead>

Task Windows (Vista) Linux (Ubuntu)

</thead> <tbody>

Media Music player foobar2000 Rhythmbox Editing sound files Audacity Video player VLC Subtitle editor Subtitle Workshop ? Video transcoder MeGUI, Avisynth, K-Lite mencoder 3D animation Blender DVD authoring DVD Author GUI ? Image editing GIMP Web Browser Firefox Editor KompoZer Quanta Plus Blog website Wordpress Publishing WinSCP KFTPGrabber SVG Inkscape Documents Office OpenOffice.org Mail Windows Mail with Gmail IMAP Evolution with
Google Mail IMAP,
Calendar and Contacts Calendar Windows Calendar Contacts Google Contacts Text editor PSPad Kate Computer admin Back-up sync SpiderOak Virus protection avast! Compressed folders 7-Zip ? Temperature monitoring SpeedFan ? System Information (Device Manager) Hardinfo Reference Planetarium Stellarium KStars Office stuff BOINC BOINC LEGO LEGO Digital Designer -