Pure Daft

Reincarnation? Surely not.

27 Feb 2008

Thinking from an angle of probability, what are the chances that now, the time being experienced on Earth at this moment, coincides with the time that you are alive? Of the supposed 13.7 billion years which have already come to pass in the universe, the 200,000 years of human existence, and the anticipated few thousand years more, how come your few years of glory are now? Is it that you are just lucky at the moment? Or is it that the probability is made greater by the fact you (or your soul, or the thing that experiences your life) is recycled every-so-often?

Of all the ideas I expected to have supporting religious ideas, I didn’t think I’d ever think of a reason to support reincarnation. It may not be the best made point, but I think it is an interesting one all the same.