Pure Daft

Thomson DTI 6300-16 Unbroken

07 Nov 2007

I have had a Thomson DTI 6300-16 for just under a month now, and it’s been a marvelous beast. Apart from one thing: some broadcasts, programmes on certain channels, appeared mostly green. I visited ukfree.tv, who have a lot of information about the signal in areas. My problem tied in mostly with channels on frequencies with low ratings. But when I used a booster, it did not help.

Thomson’s support was insufficient and I found it hard to Google the problem. What was the problem? ‘Green.’ Eventually I came across this forum on The Register, where someone was using the green button in a process to revert their software version. Not relating to my problem, but I thought it might be helpful. So I tried: Help > Green button > Revert software, and lo, the problem disappeared. I un-reverted, to get back the functionality, and it is still working. We will see how long it lasts.