Pure Daft

Energy Watch vs British Gas

10 May 2007

We have had a continuous problem with British Gas billing us since we moved into our house eleven months ago. Today we received a letter from http://www.energywatch.org.uk, to whom we had complained, informing us that BG should be correctly billing us shortly.

The problem has been that, despite having our meter read, they have failed to bill us and we have hence been unable to pay. We have made regular attempts to get BG to bill us, but they have continually failed. What is more, they have sent us notices to pay our non-existent bills, otherwise we will be taken to court.

Moral of the story? In the first instance, do not chose British Gas, or any company which has a bad complaints record; in the second, contact Energy Watch, for they have the clout to deal with this faceless organisation.