Pure Daft

Ask the randoms

26 Jul 2005

Standing on Platform 2 of Westbury station, watching the guard walk down the outside of the train closing the doors, I noticed two students run up to the doors of the train. They were wearing heavy rucksacks, clearly in a rush to get to their destination.

To ensure their place on the train, they quickly asked a large gentleman waiting on the station in a burgandy polo shirt, “Is this the train to Bristol?” Without even needing to think, the gentleman replyed with total authority: “Yes.” So they skipped on to the train, the guard closed their carriage door and they were on their way. I then noticed the man stumble slightly, and overheard his associate ask: “Is that the train to Bristol?” “How the hell should I know,” replyed the burgandy man, I now notice that he’s slurring. “But I’m not going to be here when they find out.”

My faith in humanity lives on…