Pure Daft

Washed out

12 Jun 2005

Watched the first few episodes of Lost (created by Alias man JJ Abrams). It is really good - a well worth watching American TV drama. There’s a brilliant song at the end of ep 3, “Wash Away” by Joe Purdy. Damned if I can find the tab for it on the internet though - disappointed.

After a having had a week of no more uni work, the celebrations have turned to rest as my immune system took a dive after too many drinks at the pubs of Southampton. Hayfever has now joined forces with a cold to make my nose flood like the post-Cyclone-Eline plains of Mozambique.

I’ll leave you with a thought: phrases that use rhyme or alliteration can make themselves seem much more profound than they actually are. For example: good sex is the balance of impotance and impatience. Another annoying one is where a sentence is semi-reversed, such as one of the less profound quotes from an old friend, Benjamin Franklin: “A place for everything, everything in its place.” Rubbish.