Pure Daft

Last day of exams!

04 Jun 2005

No more exams! No more uni!

Finished my last exam today, Environmental Geology. I hadn’t got any sleep last night, don’t know why, didn’t seem very worried about the exam. Gave up trying to sleep at 4:45, and got up to do a bit more revision. Revision has proved to start later and later as the uni career went on. Never mind, stopped altogether now.

Tried to have a nap in the afternoon, failed - ended up as a minor rest.

Went to the Sobar then the Square in the evening to have some drinks with Al and Joe who also finished today. The Sqaure wasn’t very interesting - quite pikey on a Saturday night (or so it would seem).

Eventually got to sleep after 37 hours awake, at 2 am (woke up 1 pm the day before). A new record for Steve!