Pure Daft

Grad ball 2005

15 Jun 2005

A fun evening last night. Met loads of old and new friends at the grad ball last night, with imminant departure to homelands or fair new horizons for some, and others staying on for masters courses, new courses or working in Southampton. It seems most people are still staying down now they have finished their courses. What does that say about uni? Maybe you don’t want to leave your friends when it’s time to leave?

Wasn’t there for the bands, though Jo of S Club 7 fame sang, Electric 6 played several songs, including Gay Bar (which they seemed to play when all my friends and myself had disappeared downstairs), and some DJ at the end, playing some cool mixes.

Both the jazz lounge downstairs and the pop/rock/dance upstairs provided plenty of opportunity for wild dancing. However most people stayed around to chat and mingle, saying their goodbyes.