Pure Daft

Glastonbury 2005

30 Jun 2005

Put simply, that was the most fun I’ve ever had. The only time that the enthusiasm lulled was 9 pm on Friday when I didn’t know if the sleeping bag or tent were dry enough to get any sleep in. I bought a blanket just in case.

It all began on Wednesday, arriving early at Castle Cary station in the sweltering heat having been travelling on the trains since early morning. We got the coach between the station and the farm, then walked on to the large field behind the Other Stage. Amused that we were to be awoken by music blaring from the Other, we pitched tent near the hedge (and ditch) in order to get some morning shelter from the Sun. Explored around the grounds, taking in the sights such as the wooden Griffin, shoe-sole people and hedge-frog. Saw some evening music next to the Avalon tent, with someone fond superpowers: America and prospectively China. It was good to hear some live lefty music.

On Thursday we realised that the hedge was not that beneficial. Whilst it did shadow us from the sun for a while, we were still awoken in oven-like tents at 8 am. Went to see some music in the Jazz/World area. Then the clouds started pulling up over Glastonbury’s fields.

4am Friday morning, we were awoken by the thunder of lightning and heavy rain. Woke again at 9 am, realising there was some large puddles in the porch of the tent. Decided to get up half-an-hour later when we realised that the rain wasn’t leaving. Realised quickly that the puddles rising from the overflowing ditch were flooding the area rapidly. After 10 mins walk in vain to find room on higher ground, found the tent floating with friends desparately trying to move the stuff out. The walk had revealed that further up the hill, one field was draining a small river through several very unfortunate people’s tents. We took our wet tents, sleeping bags and clothes to a friend who was working on one of the stalls.

Saw some music: Royksopp being the best though we only saw them for ten minutes. Wanted to see Polly Paulusma, but the lightning had taken care of the Avalon tent where she was supposed to be performing, repairs taking until late afternoon. Despite the weather, wet and the fact I’d found my uni results were a 2-2 when aiming to improve to a 2-1, I was loving the situation. Everyone was reasonably happy, cheeky and moving on as best they could. Really good sense of community. By 9 pm, however, I got slightly stressy when carrying the tent and realised that there mightn’t be a dry tent or sleeping bag to kip in. Easily resolved by a £4 blanket. Ended the day in the Leftfield Stage with British Sea Power.

Saturday was my favourite day for entertainment. Though still damp, I revelled in the fields listening to Hayseed Dixie, apexing with Duelling Banjos; GLC providing simple entertainment; the brilliantly fantastic KT Tunstall being my favourite with her upbeat acoustic songs; the cool Magic Numbers were wonderful, followed by an interesting set by the Go! Team, including “sonic disruptions”. A drier night was the ultimate end to the best day.

Sunday was a sociable day, with friends coming on the local day-pass scheme. Chilled to Jools Holland and James Blunt. Cranked it up a notch for Brian Wilson, the inanimately constipated genius, singing enthusiastically to the Beach Boys Christmas song in the middle of an at-last sunny Glastonbury.

Monday was mildly pooey, leaving behind friends and queuing for train tickets at a broken-down kiosk, leaving the frolics of Glastonbury to go on to a caravan holiday with other friends in Devon.