Pure Daft

A pleasant night's sleep

11 Jun 2005

Last night was another heavy one. After going to Argos to get a cheap tent with Shamu for Glastonbury, a few of us went out in the evening.

On our way to the pub, bumped into Tanya, who’d been to London shopping for the day. Must remember to pick up my sleeping bag for their house.

First went to the Bent Brief. My first time there, despite it being recommended by Steve Lowis many times in the Talking Heads on a Monday night. It was rather loud, but that just contributed to the atmosphere: another place to go to listen to live music more than talk a lot - not that it’s out of the question.

Ended up at Lennons, dancing the night away. Left at 1:30 to get a Raj D curry sauce and chips - the best that I’ve found in Southampton. Shamu had a £4.50 chicken shish kebab that was quite nice to finish off once he’d become full.

Went to Irish and Snakebite’s house, Snakebite not having made it back to their house post-Lennons. Irish and Jenny then kept awake as Shamu and I arrived, Shamu playing on the Ninendo for two hours. Left for Portswood at 4:00, when the dawn chorus began. It’s never fun to hear the dawn chorus before getting any sleep - I’m one who needs and likes his sleep! Tried to sleep on the sofa at Shamu and Jenny’s house, that wasn’t happening with my bad throat, needed to walk home to get some paracetamol.

Eventually got to sleep about 7. Knackered today.