Pure Daft

Alias Season 3 on DVD

30 Mar 2005

I’ve been eagerly waiting for Alias season 3 to be available on region 2 DVD in the UK. The Americans are irritatingly ahead of everyone else (no change there) - their region 1 dvd came out on 7 September. It’s really annoying that the Americans always get access to media first. And people wonder why piracy is so promenant?

Even the Aussies were ahead of Europe, with Season 3 coming out on Region 4 on 12 January 2005.

The first region 2 DVD then came out in France and Spain on 20 January. I didn’t buy it from France, because I knew it would be a lot cheaper to wait a month at get it from Belgium.

On 9 March, the Belgium/Netherlands had their release. I thought this was the best deal, and ordered the box set for £31 from DVDZone2.

DVDZone2 shipped on the second day, and I received goods on the eighth day after ordering. The box and jackets are only in French and Dutch, but as soon as you put the DVD in, there’s the option for everything to be 5.1 English.

The Alias Season 3 R2 DVD will be coming out in the UK on 30 May.

So, ordering it from Belgium is both sooner and cheaper! UK is rubbish; Belgium is great!

As for the diehard German fans, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of their series 3 DVDs yet. Series 2 has only just come out in Germany, 17 March 2005.